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December 22, 2010


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Yes! That's right! Our dreams of Hetalia characters becoming downloadable vocal androids is finally coming true! Nihonloid is no longer going to be alone! 8D

First off, I'm going to need a lot of people to help me out, because this is a BIG project!
There will be four different jobs... below they are listed with a description on what they're going to do to make the Heta-loids...

* - the star means it's optional and that whatever is being listed in front of the star is window-dressing
What the Audio-Expert does is create the voice-samples for the Heta-loids so that they can sing.
If you want to be an "audio-expert" in this project, you'll need the following requirements...
:bulletblue: you must own one (or more*) audio programs. I recommend Audacity, Melodyne, and Adobe Audition. If you're not sure whether or not your audio-program is acceptable, note me about it and I'll make the decision.
:bulletblue: you must be VERY good with audio-editing... seriously. It's all up to the Audio-experts to make sure the voice-samples of the Heta-loids sound good. Otherwise, when they sing, it won't sound good...
:bulletblue: you must have some knowledge in the Japanese language. Just enough to know the Japanese characters.
*:bulletblue: you must be able to type in Japanese in Microsoft Word. That way, when you have a voice-sample done, you can export the wav twice, once in Japanese and another in romaji. This will make it a lot easier for the "Advanced UTAU-users" when they process the voice-samples.
:bulletblue:Okay... now how to make their voice-samples.
This is probably the most painful process in the entire project, so you'll need A LOT of patience. You need a character song or two of the Hetalia character and the off-vocal of the song. Then what you do is invert (NOT REVERSE, THERE'S A DIFFERENCE) the off-vocal. THEN... the part that drives everyone crazy, you must line up the two tracks PERFECTLY. This makes a noise-canceling effect, making an acapella of the song. Just the singing. no music in the way to ruin the voice-samples. if you need a little more info on noise-canceling, go here...…
Once you have the acapella made, all you have to do is make the voice-samples, which is considerably easier then making the acapella. Find a one-syllable sound in the acapella (examples would be "ka", "tsu", "yu", "de"... you get the idea) and copy it. then open up a new window (ctrl+N should do it) and paste the voice-sample. now you have to check it. If it's about a second and a half to two seconds long. If it isn't, lower the TEMPO, not the speed. This will make the voice-sample longer without changing the pitch. Don't take the voice-sample at all if the original voice-sample is less then 0.66 seconds long. If the voice-sample you're taking has a consonant in it, zoom in to see if the consonant itself is 0.07-0.12 seconds long. It probably won't after you change the tempo, so cut some of it out. If you have the five basic sounds ("a", "i", "u", "e" or "o"), zoom in to the very beginning of the voice-sample, select the first 1/10th second of the voice-sample and fade it in. don't forget to fade out the last 1/10th of a second of the voice-sample at the end. If the voice-sample is quiet, then amplify it to -0.3 DB. Then you should have a good voice-sample and you're ready to export the sample. Be sure you export the voice-sample twice, once as a Japanese voice-sample, and once as the romaji.
あ a い I う u え e お o
か ka き ki く ku   け ke こ ko
が ga ぎ gi ぐ gu げ ge ご go
さ sa    し shi    す su   せ se   そ so
ざ za じ ji ず zu ぜ ze ぞ zo
は ha ひ hi ふ hu へ he ほ ho
ば ba び bi ぶ bu べ be ぼ bo
ぱ pa ぴ pi ぷ pu ぺ pe ぽ po
な na に ni     ぬ nu ね ne の no
ま ma みmi む mu め me も mo
た ta ち ti/chi  つ tsu て te と to
だ da ぢ di/zi   づ du   で de   ど do
ら r/la り r/li る r/lu れ r/le ろ r/lo
や ya ゆ yu いぇ ye よ yo
わ wa うぃ wi うぇ we を wo
ん n
きゃ kya きゅ kyu きょ kyo
ぎゃ gya ぎゅ gyu ぎょ gyo
しゃ sha しゅ shu         しょ sho
じゃ jya  じゅ jyu じょ jyo
ひゃ Hya ひゅ hyu ひょ hyo
びゃ Bya びゅ byu びょ byo
ぴゃ Pya ぴゅ pyu ぴょ pyo
にゃ Nya にゅ nyu にょ nyo
みゃ mya みゅ myu みょ myo
ちゃ Cha ちゅ chu ちょ cho
りゃ Rya りゅ ryu りょ ryo
あ↑  あ↓
:bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue:A SPECIAL NOTE ABOUT THE TWO KOREAS:bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue:
Since neither Koreas have a voice in Hetalia, I'll need someone to create their voices using their own. South-Korea's voice will be my UTAUloid, Mitsuko Wakana… is what Mitsuko sounds like)) so that gets that out of the way. I'll still need someone brave enough to voice North-Korea, though... I was thinking it would be quite a bit lower then South-Korea's... that way, if they do a duet, it would sound pretty. Maybe have her sound like… Nana)...? |D *shot, desu*


Got an artsy skill? Perfect. You can become a part of this job. Visualizationists get to design the appearance of the Heta-loid and will be making the art for their song-covers.
Want to be a Visualizationist? Just ask me and you can... under some conditions...
:bulletred: you must have a program that works with layers. ArtWeaver, Paint.Net, Paint Shop Pro (7 or higher), and PhotoShop are wonderful programs to do art with.
Now, don't think you can get in easily... I WILL be picky about the art-skills. I'm not a perfect artist, but I really want to leave an good impression on anyone that finds out about Project: Heta-loid. well, you can either judge yourself or you can ask me if you're not sure.
:bulletred: Okay, so if you want to judge yourself... if your skills can beat this...…
or this...…
...then you can ask to join the project as a Visualizationist.
Again, if you're not so sure, just ask me in a note and give me a link to your best art. Then I'll get to judge and decide whether or not you can be one. don't worry, I'm somewhat easy to impress... ;p
:bulletred: When you design the Heta-loid, DO NOT BASE THE OUTFIT DESIGN ON ANOTHER VOCALOID OR UTAULOID! That means lack of creativity and originality! but DO try to have a color scheme with 2-4 colors (preferably NOT their flag-colors) and make the outfit kinda cute~ like Nihon-loid... his outfit is CUTE! Just LOOK AT IT!!~ :heart:… teehee~
:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:ONE MORE THING!!!:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:
Each Heta-loid will have a special code that the designer will either put on the character's neck, shoulders, clothes, headphones, etc. This will make the Heta-loids look a bit more "official" :XD:. So if you're designing a Hetaloid, NOTE ME and tell me who you're designing. I'll give you the code that goes to that Heta-loid and I'll update this journal, letting everyone know that the character is taken and is being designed.
:bulletred::bulletyellow::bulletblue:HETA-LOIDS AND THEIR DESIGN PROGRESS:bulletblue::bulletyellow::bulletred:
by the way, you can submit the art to the "Heta-loid" folder
North Italy (default Heta-loid) ~ COMPLETED by :iconnitzah123:…
Germany ~ Taken by :iconanonnyer:
Japan (Nihon-loid) ~ ALREADY DESIGNED, DERP!
U.K. ~ Taken by :icontuxedodawg:
France ~ Taken by :iconthepurplebaka:
America ~ COMPLETED by :iconasteriski:…
Russia ~ COMPLETED by :iconqwertysapphire:…
China ~ Taken by :iconronronmania:
Canada ~ COMPLETED by :iconsharmiend:…
South Italy ~ Taken by :iconnitzah123:
Belarus ~ Taken by :iconzomgchula:
Greece ~ COMPLETED by :iconkittycat98:…
Hungary ~ Taken by :iconzomgchula:
Liechtenstein ~ taken by :iconpkstarstorm:
Poland ~ Taken by :iconsharmiend:
Spain ~ Taken by :iconsuperaura:
Switzerland ~ Taken by :iconforteblues:
Ukraine ~ Taken by :iconhomikka:
Denmark ~ NOT TAKEN, YET!!!
Finland ~ COMPLETED by :iconronronmania:…
Iceland ~ Taken by :iconfrozenaurawolf:
Norway ~ COMPLETED by :iconminik600xd:…
Sweeden ~ Taken by :iconninjafaeri1:
Estonia ~ COMPLETED by :iconchaiteamelody:…
Latvia ~ Taken by :iconanonnyer:
Lithuania ~ Taken by :iconizzy-chao:
Hong-Kong ~ Taken by :iconfrozenaurawolf:
Korea♂ (South) ~ Taken by :iconasta-roth: the other brave one...
Korea♀ (North) ~ Taken by :iconpkstarstorm: the brave one...
Taiwan ~ Taken by :iconthesharliana:
Egypt ~ Taken by :iconookimihanaoo:
Holy Roman Empire (HRE) ~ Taken by :iconzomgchula:
Prussia ~ TAKEN by :iconhauu13:
Seychelles ~ COMPLETED by :iconfoxit-girl:…
Sealand ~ taken by :iconasteriski:
Turkey ~ Taken by :iconyuki-kazumia-neechan:
Chibitalia ~ Taken by :icongaaragirl654321:


:iconmusicnotesplz:ADVANCED UTAU-USERS:iconmusicnotesplz:
Okay, this is the second-most-vital (LOL VITAL... LIKE AUSTRIA'S... REGIONS...) job in the whole project. You'll be the ones making the Heta-loids do the singing!!! :iconkermityayplz:
okay... so if you want to be this, you need the following requirements...
:bulletpurple:you must be good with using USTs and you must know how to export the UST as a WAV file.
*:bulletpurple: you must know how to import VSQs.
:bulletpurple: you can edit a UST/VSQ so that it fits the voice of the Heta-loid perfectly. (i.e: extending the note a tad bit to get a full sound, changing octaves, etc.)
*:bulletpurple: you can do triphones or whatever those things are.
:bulletpurple: you must know where at least one HUGE UST/VSQ source is. You know... a place where you can download all sorts of USTs and VSQs when you need them.
:bulletpurple: it's recommended that you keep a fan that plugs into the wall by your computer so that it doesn't get hot. temperature will DRAMATICALLY effect the way the Heta-loid sounds!!!
:bulletpurple: you will also be the ones mixing the singing form the UST to the off-vocal of a song, so you'll also need to know a bit of audio-editing-skills. Well, until the Audio-Experts have all the possible voice-banks done.
...and that's about it. If you have any questions, just ask, okay? :D


Now, this job is COMPLETELY OPTIONAL, no one has to be this. If anyone IS in this job, they'll be making music-videos for some of the songs that the Heta-loids sing. Not only do they have to be good artists, they have to be AMAZING animators! Like... let me give you an example of some awesome animation...…

and then THIS is window-dressing...………

so... If you can animate like that in "Electric Angel" or better, you're in. ;p
but I know, it's difficult to animate... not unless you're Kiku Honda... >w<


well, I suppose that's it. If you have any questions, just note me about it... um...
Q&A: CAN I HAVE TWO JOBS? A: sure~ :D but I wouldn't recommend it if you're an audio-expert... they'll be pretty busy...


;pAlright, here is where all the members of PROJECT: HETA-LOID are going to be listed.;p


VICE-SUPERVISORSI'll only have three or four of these that I'm picking myself, so don't ask to be this... T_T
:iconsharmiend: :iconthepurplebaka:


:iconasteriski: :iconqwertysapphire: :iconpkstarstorm: :iconzomgchula: :iconfoxit-girl: :iconminik600xd: :iconnitzah123: :iconpretty-princette: :iconsharmiend: :icontuxedodawg: :iconhomikka: :iconfrozenaurawolf: :iconthepurplebaka: :iconsuperaura: :iconninjafaeri1::iconasta-roth: :iconforteblues: :iconizzy-chao: :icongaaragirl654321: :iconookimihanaoo:
and everyone else designing Hetaloids! 8D thank you~

:iconpkstarstorm: :iconzomgchula: :iconasta-roth:


(no one's brave enough to voice n.korea... yet...)
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No, they take the character songs and the character songs' instrumental sound files and they invert the instrumental, line up the two audio files perfectly and it makes it where you can only hear the vocals. Then they take around 100 clips of the singing and turn it into an UTAU voicebank.
crazyanimegirl22 Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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